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Story Structure: Act 3 (Wrap Up)

October 17, 2012

After the Showdown and Resolution , a pro writer wraps up the story.

The Wrap Up takes care of any loose ends, resolves any remaining unresolved subplots, and eases the reader out of the story world with (hopefully) a sense of satisfaction at a story well told. “Denouement” is the more poetic way to describe the Wrap Up. Either term will do–as long as the writer remembers to put this last structural element into place.

However, a writer can choose to leave out the Wrap Up. Sometimes, for dramatic effect, a writer may want to end a story at the moment of the protagonist’s Final Victory or Ultimate Defeat. But most novelists take the time to write the few sentences, paragraphs, or pages that fully resolve the story in a way that is satisfying to the reader.

With the Wrap Up concluded, you have brought the story to an end.

This post concludes the discussion of plot and structure in novel writing, but it doesn’t end our discussion of how to write a pageturner novel. The next series of posts will address the how to’s of creating another element vitally important in writing a novel readers can’t put down: compelling characters.

Happy writing!

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